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Looking for...

'Ello there, Ty here.

I believe I've posted here before, but you know time changes things and what not. Plus with the release of the new album I figured things may be a bit more active around so, I'm pitching my ad again.

I'm looking for role-play, I'm pretty active online; by that I mean I'm online every day for the majority of the day. I used to play 2D nearly daily, but sadly most of my lines have disappeared over time, so I'm looking for new ones. Trying to get the creativity flowing again you know?

Hmm, I will happily slash Stuart with Murdoc, or pair him with an of age Noodle, I'm also pretty peachy with just doing a gen line. You know, get a setting going and let the character run free, or actually come up with a plot.

Well, if your interested, please either comment here, or message me on aim at DazedAndDented. I do keep odd hours at times, but drop me a line and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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